Family spends eight weeks putting up Christmas decorations that cost £5,000

Family spends eight weeks putting up Christmas decorations that cost £5,000

A family have spent eight weeks transforming their home into winter wonderland with £5,000 worth opf decorations.

Cheryl and Neil Kelly started building their impressive collection of trimmings 26 years ago but have made 2020 their biggest display yet, with the mission to cheer up their community after a rough year in lockdown.

The front garden is jam-packed with an adorable winter scene featuring snowmen and reindeer crowded around a miniature Christmas tree, a life-size Santa Claus and giant candy canes.

Up on the roof, are lit-up reindeer and sleigh with Father Christmas at the helm, as well as a huge snowman figure, a large Santa head and colourful lights on the windows.

The exterior walls of the house in Woolwich, London, are covered in lit-up pictures including a large colourful bauble, a sleigh pulled by reindeers and a shooting star.

Locals, who are big fans of the annual display, even donate their old decorations to Neil, who fixes them up and adds them to the collection.

When their daughter Fay Lindsay, now 31, was a child, Cheryl and Neil just used to put up a handful of festive trinkets in the windows – but over the years, Neil got inspired by American Christmas films, adding more and more decorations.

The family’s dazzling display is now the talk of the town with former-neighbours saying how much they miss living next to the Kelly’s at Christmastime.

“My dad really wanted to make it special for the community as this year has not been great due to Covid,” full-time carer Fay told Jam Press.

“It’s lovely to see how excited all the children have been to see the house.

“Our neighbours love it and people who grew up in the area now bring their children to see the house too.

“We start decorating eight weeks before Christmas and as soon as my dad starts everyone gets excited.

“He gets a lot of people complimenting his dedication to do it every year.

“Neighbours and people in the community are always bringing him broken decorations because they know he will be able to fix them and add them to the display.

“I’m so proud of how hard he works every year to make it magical for us all.

“He uses all his spare time working on the house – I help him each year while my mum keeps us warm with tea and bacon sandwiches.

“We love Christmas as a family and always spend it at my parents’ home because it’s so festive.

“It doesn’t feel like Christmas until we have all the decorations up.”

The festive fun comes with a hefty price tag though, with the family’s monthly electric bill costing £100 more than usual – and they have spent around £5,000 on decorations.

Fay recently shared photos of this year’s display on Facebook, where it has since racked up lots of positive comments from people who love the jolly look.

“That’s incredible,” wrote one person.

“Absolutely brilliant,” added someone else.

Another added: “Now that’s Christmas.”